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Exhibition ‘Splendour of Chinese Opera’

January 10, 2017

The Peninsula Paris invites guests to a cultural and culinary travel through ‘The Splendour of Chinese Opera’. Reflecting its Chinese origins, The Peninsula Paris celebrates Chinese New Year – the most important event in the Chinese cultural calendar - in true Peninsula fashion.

From 21 January to 5 February, LiLi is being transformed into a stage of the theatre, lifting the curtain on its ‘Splendor of Chinese Opera’ exhibition, with costumes in shimmering colours, adorned with embroidery and featuring sculpted headdresses, as well as photographic artwork highlighting the refined aesthetics of Chinese opera.

The perfect combination of dance, music, acrobatics and mime, traditional Chinese opera is extremely precise and offers a multitude of shapes and influences. Costumes are beautiful, elegant and shimmering at the same time. The majority of them are adorned with embroideries inspired by traditional Chinese culture such as the dragon symbolizing power or the phoenix, symbol of happiness and grace.

These refined costumes play an essential role in theatre. The colours and shape of a costume determine the social status of a character: for men, wearing a dress is a sign of high social status, when fighting, the dress is changed for an armour. An emperor can be recognized by the yellow colour, high officials by the red, green or dark blue. The costumes have also long sleeves giving the actors the opportunity to express their emotions with a very specific body language.

A beautiful occasion to discover this ancient, stylish and mysterious art full of codes and poetry and to dive in the world of the Chinese Opera.