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Praline Choux Bun

Chou prâliné - recipe
How to make

Chou Pastry Cracker
• 300 g butter
• 370 g brown sugar
• 370 g flour
With the whisk, mix all the ingredients until the mixture is smooth.
Spread at 1 millimetre between two baking sheets.
Cool in the freezer.
Cut when frozen.

Mascarpone Vanilla Whipped Cream
Ingredients :
• 80 g full fat milk
• 80 g caster sugar
• 2 g vanilla pod
• 60 g gelatine mix
• 170 g mascarpone
• 730 g cream

Boil the milk and caster sugar.
Add the vanilla and let it infuse for 10 minutes.
Filter with a strainer then boil again.
Add the gelatine mix, then pour in the mascarpone.
Add the cream while mixing.
Keep at 4°C.
Whisk before every use.

Praline mousseline cream
• 300 g custard
• 200 g butter
• 120 g hazelnut praline
• 30 g hazelnut paste
• 1 g salt

Whip the cold custard until it is smooth.
Add the softened butter, praline, hazelnut paste and salt.
Whip together.
Keep at 40C.

• 1 kg full fat millk
• 8 g vanilla pod
• 250 g egg yolk
• 200 g caster sugar
• 100 g corn starch
• 100 g butter

Boil the milk and infuse the vanilla for 5 minutes.
Boil again and filter with a strainer the egg yolk, sugar and corn starch.
Boil while mixing with a whip.
Cool down as fast as possible at 4°C, then keep in a cold place.

Choux Pastry
• 250 g water
• 250 g whole milk
• 10 g caster sugar
• 10 g salt
• 225 g butter
• 275 g flour
• 500 g eggs

Boil the water, milk, sugar, salt and butter.
Out of the fire, add the flour, already sieved.
With a whisk, add the eggs one by one.
Cook at 150°C.
Finish the cooking with a fan oven at 150°C.